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  • Power:12KW
  • Voltage:AC380V/50Hz
  • Cut speed:0-15000mm/min
  • Thickness :0.5mm-3mm
  • External diameter:Φ30-160mm
  • Diameter:30mm-160mm
  • Max working length:2900mm
  • Current:60A
  • Specification:3920mm*1600mm*1320mm
  • Document transmission form:USB interface
  • Working form:Untouched Arc Striking
  • Suitable metal sheet:
  • All kinds of Stainless sheet ,iron,
  • Galvanized plate ,aluminum tube and squ


Characteristics of the equipment:
1.Using Four-axis control system, can optional step motor drives or servo motor drives,it`s easy to operate.
2.High cutting precision, can be processed minimum workpiece 30×70 mm .
3.Especially suitable for the thin metal circular tube, square tube, etc .
4.Independent research and development water cooling system to ensure that the cutting plate smooth and clean, to avoid the processing once again .
5.Numerical control system configuration is higher , adopt automatic arc striking and stable performance, the success rate of arc striking more than 95%.
6.Plasma power and torch by famous manufacturer in China and have the national patent.
7.3D Rotating cutting, High speed and precision, can complete a variety of graphics cutting.
8.Support Weitai, CAXA, ARTCAM, TYPE3 software etc. Also can through the software conversion read AutoCAD etc creating to DXF/PLT file format, the control system using U flash disk exchange processing documents, easy to operation.

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