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  • Notching Angle:90o
  • The Width Of Sheet:30mm-120mm
  • Input Voltage:AC220/50Hz
  • Power:1Kw
  • Working Thickness:0.5mm-1.5mm
  • Working Form:Grinding wheel Notching
  • Specification:610mmX1000mmX1200mm
  • Weight:250kg
  • Suitable Metal Sheets:
  • Stainless Steel、Iron Plate、
  • Galvanized Sheet、Aluminium Sheet.


1.  The beautiful appearance and practical, mechanical structure reasonable, reliable, the work part of feed and slot operation smooth, one-step molding.
2. Notching corner vertical, beautiful and generous, notching tool adjustment automation, humanization design, easy to operation.
3.  Numerical control, standardized production broke the traditional manual process, greatly improve the production efficiency.
4.  Comprehensive Chinese word characteristics and many years experience for making letters independent development software and hardware system, completely have our own intellectual property rights.
5.  Notching tool use Grinding wheel Notching, high speed, high efficiency, low cost, can achieve the high precision requirement .
6.  Automatic calibration knife function, can automatic detection Grinding wheel wear then give you warning ,ensure machine high precision.

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