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  • Technical Parameters :3HE180-MK
  • Laser Work Material :Nd3+:YAG
  • Max Single Pulse Energy :120J
  • Max Peak Power :6KW
  • Laser Wavelength :1064mm
  • Pulse Xenon Lamp :Φ8*270
  • Focusing Spot Diameter :¢0.10-3.0mm
  • Rated Output Power :180w
  • Welding Min Molten Pool:0.3mm
  • Pulse Width :0.5ms-20ms
  • Pulse Depth :0.05-4mm
  • Applicable Industries:
  • Jewelry, Handicrafts, Electronic,
  • ironware, Dlocks and Watches ect.


1.  Machine is mainly to welding various kinds of stainless steel letter, luminous letters, titanium letters, copper letters, copper antique letter, Sheet painting letter,etc, welding firm and perfect.
2.   In the course of processing, no "tool" wear, no "cutting force " acting on the workpiece.
3.  High laser beam energy density,high welding speed, and for letter local welding, has no influence on beside, no font thermal deformation phenomenon.
4.  Can realize the direction transformation, extremely easy to coordination with center control system, for complex font to processing, it is real a kind of flexible welding letter mode machine.
5.  High production efficiency, saving material, is the traditional welding letter speed 8-10 times, reliable quality, and the economic benefit is good.
6.  Exquisite, convenient operation, high efficiency, welding interface firm and perfect, suitable for welding all kinds of metal advertising letters, etc. Can work long hours, and heating range small, pollution-free.
7.  In addition to welding advertising letters, machine can also be widely used in all kinds of small parts Precision welding.
8.  Processing without consumables and pollution-free, humanization design, sitting to welding operation, not easy exhaustion.
9.  Multi-angle adjustment laser light path,for exmaple,up and down ,front and back ,left and right sides.

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