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  • Processing size:160mmX1200mm
  • Specification:2000mmX1800mmX1300mm
  • Motor:step motor(or servo motor)
  • Speed of spindle:24000rmp/min
  • Maximum carving speed:20000mm/min
  • Power supply:AC220/50Hz
  • Spindle:1.5Kw(Water-cooling)
  • Applicable industries:
  • Furniture,stairs,column,
  • human statues,handicrafts,relief,etc


1.Using four-axis control system, can optional step motor drives or servo motor drives,  it`s easy to operate.
2.Engraving high precision, the smallest knife tool diameter 0.1mm, the smallest size can process 50x70 (mm).
3.The whole machine by high temperature treatment before laner processing,high stability not deformation,rigidity, high precision, durable.
4.High speed and smooth operation. Coordinate positioning accuracy, precision up to 0.09mm
5.With High-speed water-cooled spindle motor technology, low energy consumption,power consumption of 1-2 degrees per hour
6.With power-off memory,continued carving, s processing time functions, to ensure that the next day or accident till to processing.
7.XYZ-axis use of imported high-precision ball screw and linear guide rail, high precision, speed, and low failure rate

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