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  • Grooving Angle:120o
  • The Width Of Sheet:30mm-120mm
  • Input Voltage:AC220/50Hz
  • Weight:400kg
  • Power:2.1Kw
  • Specification:1050mmX1000mmX1200mm
  • Working Thickness:0.5mm-1.5mm
  • Suitable Metal Sheet:
  • Iron Plate, Galvanized sheet,
  • Copper sheet, titanium plates
  • aluminum sheet,etc


1.Whole appearance, with reasonable mechanical structure, leveler, feeding, and grooves running smoothly, all are in one production line.
2.Compared to traditional production,CNC and standardized production, greatly improve production efficiency
3.The word each folding edge and angle are perfect,which are suitable for lot production.
4.Feeding part of the double ball screw continuous feed, completely solve the traditional problem of feeding inaccuratewhich use scroll wheel
5.This machine is based on Chinese letters and many years’ practical experience, independent research and development of software and hardware systems, complete with its own intellectual property.

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