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  • Power:11kw
  • Input Voltage:AC380/50Hz
  • Cutting Speed:0-15000mm/min
  • Manufacture Thickness:0.5mm-1.2mm
  • Plasma Current:60A
  • Specification:2970mmX2030mmX1220mm
  • Manufacture Area:2500mmX1200mm
  • Weight:650kg
  • Document Transmissing Form:USB interface
  • Working Form:Untouched Arc Striking
  • Working Iron Plate:


1.High cutting speed ,high precision and low cost.
2.Machine structure is rational and operation simple,toughness,and durability.
3.Cutting perfect and edge clean,no fallen broken bits so avoid processing once again.
4.Suit for:aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel,iron plate, titanium sheet , etc.
5.Numerical control system configuration is higher,adopt automatic arc striking and stable performance,the success ratio of arc striking can be over 95%.
6.Plasma power and burning torch by famous manufacturer in china and have the national patent.
7.With other advertising equipment (Suck plastic machine,metal grooving,metal bending machine)auxiliary to use can finish various of lettlers,replaced manual craft and the working efficiency can reach more than ten times.
8.Specific to cutting sheet metal for Three-dimensional advertising luminous lettler and convex lettler,the accuracy is higher if provide Hypertherm power from US.
9. Many standard G code path documents generated by software such as Wentai(ARTCUT),CAXA,ARTCAM,TYPE3,etc.canbe supported ,and Dxf format documents generated by software such as AUTOCAD,etc.also can beread via software conversion.U disk is used for control system to change for manufacture documents so that the operation is very convenient and quick.

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