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  •  The company sets-up Score system management, and to the performance good working
    personnel for reward. Reward way is as follows: The first name, bonus cash 1000 yuan; Second,
    bonus cash 800 yuan; Third, bonus cash 500 yuan; From the fourth to the first ten reward 288
     yuan worth a sweater. , and to the performance good working personnel for reward.
  • Look back 2011, Our company the domestic various sales outlets smoothly completed
     at the beginning of the year sales targets, total sales reached nearly one thousand sets, we
    harvest the good benefit. At present, the domestic still have a lot to develop the market, be
    faced with the New Year, we will meet new challenges, make persistent efforts, create brilliant.
  • Our company in June 2012 the 23rd Harbin international economic and trade fair's success.
  • Our company in 2012 in July in the twentieth Shanghai international advertising
     technology equipment exhibition - the world's largest advertising logo exhibition
     event get plenty of domestic and foreign orders, the exhibition scale, and at the
     same time in various technical exchanges, for us to develop new products into the
     new element.

    In 2012 The Agent Technology Training


    In 2012 The Company Annual Meeting


    Auto Bending Machine Training


    Plasma and Notching Machine Training


    In 2012 Harbin Exhibition

  • Commendation Congress

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