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  • Working area:1300mmX2500mmX180mm
  • Speed of spindle:0-18000rmp/min
  • Maximum carving speed:18000mm/min
  • Power supply:AC380/50Hz
  • Spindle:4.5Kw(Air-cooling)
  • Cutter diameter:Φ6、Φ12.7(mm)
  • Applicable industries:
  • Advertising,craft industry,construction,
  • Mold industry, printing ,packaging industry,
  • wood industry,decoration industry,etc


1.The whole machine by high temperature treatment, high stability not deformation,rigidity, high precision, durable.
2.Using double cavity adsorption mesa, have energy-saving and strong adsorption ability.
3.Using Air-cooling spindle made famous,low noise,strenght and no water cooling, low failure rate ,can assure long time processing .
4.Powerful vacuuming system to ensure the process of dust clean.
5.Three Axis adopts High-performance and more subdivision driver made famous, has strength. performance, processing jitter low.
6.The guide rail adopt import square guide, never deformation, ensuring the smooth movement of three axis.
7.Machine with proprietary intellectual property rights, with the latest online version of three-axis control system , high precision, high speed,
humanized  functions, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously, do not pick the U disk, no need to drive.
8.Excellent mechanical and electrical design, featured a variety of electrical accessories, to minimize the failure rate .with power-off memory,continued carving,foreseeing processing time functions, to ensure that the next day or accident till to processing.
9.Compatibility, compatible with TYPE3/ArtCAM / wentai/ carved, and other CAD / CAM.

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